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Justin Duggan

Actor & Music Artist

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Justin Duggan is a true international citizen. Not only being a proud Texan from the Central Texas area, he also grew up living in Italy and Mexico at a very young age.  Always having a passion for the arts, he began watching films and theatre very early on and decided to finally pursue his love when he entered high school. After many shows, classes, programs, and starring in a UIL State Film Festival Competition award winning short films including "Determination", and "The Bread Run" (both directed by his twin brother Declan), Justin decided to pursue a BFA in Acting at Roosevelt University's Chicago College of Performing Arts (CCPA), where he is a current senior! Ever since then, Justin has been in a variety of professional projects, most recently starring in a self produced student production of Harold Pinter's Betrayal as Jerry with CCPA, that also served as the inaugural production of the new theatre company "Junk Drawer Theatre Company", where he is a founding member. Justin also makes music under the stage name "Lucca", ever since he first taught himself piano and beat production.  Justin seeks to use his world experience to create honest, grounded performances and impactful stories through his craft and incredible work ethic and hopes to further his acting career, and ventures in other art forms, into becoming something inspirational and cherished by all kinds of people all over the world!


Dead Ball  (Written, Directed, and Starring Justin himself)
The Bread Run
The Girl
The Deal
How Could She?
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Original End Credit song "Track Me Down"
for the award-nominated fan-film 
Spider-Man: Hunted
Composed Declan Duggan's Delayed
Halloween Special
 timestamps 11:30-17:25
Justin has been pursuing his long-lasting passion for music under the stage name "Lucca" (named from the town he grew up in Italy) ever since he taught himself  piano and beat production. Since his first single in 2020, he has gained a consistent fanbase, amassing thousands of streams and hundreds of views on his music videos! You can check out his music on Spotify, Apple Music, and anywhere else you can stream music! You can click the buttons below to check out his music and view his music videos on YouTube, including his new mixtape "I Got The Family Name"!
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Film Scores
For any filmmakers out there!--
Justin has been scoring short films and more as he progresses as a musician and is pursuing that work more in depth! Down below our all the short films he has contributed to musically, in what capacity, and specific time stamps!
Composed The Deal (UIL Film Festival Submission) 
Composed the short film Digging Two Graves

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